Reggae Kitchen

1. Parmigiana di Melanzane

2. Sri Lankan Special

3. Fresh Fish Carpaccio, Tartare and Chevice

4. Crepe Susette, Tart Tatin, Apple and Orange Tart

5. Green, Red and Black Pesto.

6. Vegetarian Meatballs

7. Raw salads Special

Brixton Talks Season VII


Brixton Talks 28/10/2016

Brixton Talks 23/12/2016

Brixton Talks is a monthly Talk Radio Show in italian. Miniman, Yucca PPT1 and Mighty Dope, three italians migrants in Brixton, give their point of view of current affairs, society, politics and more, to their fellow italians in London and back in the home land of Italy  

First episode of the year, of the season, on our brand new website, we talk about news cinema, books and more with loads of foundation tunes and new roots.

Christmas time with Brixton Talks, Iba Mahr, Derrick Parker e Kazam Davis in the Top 3 of this month.


Brixton Talks 26/05/2017

 Britxon Talks has two new guests this month Futura and Mimmo, and we talk about fashion, polics, jokes and more. 

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Brixton Talks January 2018

gallery/noi tre jan 2018

First episode of the season, we laugh and we cry talking about american elections.