Brixton Talks 


Brixton Talks, is the Talk Show of the Italians of Brixton. Over 7 seasons Miniman, Yucca Ppt1 and Mighty dope have chatted of politics, society, culture, customs and habits of London and Londoners, from the point of view of three Italians established in the British capital city for over a decade. 

Here you have season VII, which aired between October 2016 and June 2017 on Brixton Talks offers to the listeners loads of good vibes with Reggae selection that space from contemporary Roots Reggae and New Roots, to 70's and 80's Rockers and good old fashion Oldies. Unfortunately for the English-only-speaking listeners the show is completely in Italian :)

Brixton Talks 28/10/2016

Brixton Talks 23/12/2016


Brixton Talks Season VII


Brixton Talks 25/11/2016

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Brixton Talks 27/01/2017

Brixton Talks 24/02/2017


Brixton Talks 24/03/2017


Brixton Talks 28/04/2017

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Brixton Talks 26/05/2017


Brixton Talks 23/06/2017


The making of Brixton Talks Christmas Editon

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